Available on the mainnet

Coming soon to the mainnet

with macos, Windows, *nix and iOS in development...

TezBox Features

TezBox was the earliest functional GUI wallet for Tezos, developed shortly after the ICO by @stephenandrews. TezBox has grown to be one of the major community developed wallets and will continue to provide users and developers with an easy to use, powerful and secure wallet.


All private keys are stored on your device safely and securely - with Trezor and Ledger support in development

Extremely Mobile

Easily backup your TezBox on multiple devices and use it while you are on the run from multiple devices and platforms

Developer Friendly

Easily integrate TezBox with your DAPP to streamline payments! Check us out on github for more details

Open Source

All of our code is online, open source and auditable. Feel free to fork, pull, push and report and issues

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